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Here's a small selection of poctures i've taken and ones that have been sent in. If you'd like to submit a picture for addition then please email me!

Please click to enlarge picture. Roger Roger.

Memorial Church Oktoberfest beer

Buffalo Bill- I find him a genuine cb breaker, and a overall nice bloke.
terry, clapham: another nice cb'er and a gentleman to meet.
I'd like to think that cb will come back and be as good as it once was, and with breakers like Wildebeest coming back on it just might happen!
this was just a quick, from spidermike
and lady M from crystal palace

"Should've had it built big enough to take all your equipment then!"
anon 29 Jan 2006

"Speaking to Wildebeest was the best copy I've ever had- 51s & 73s to you Col!"
Dougie 26 Jan 2006

The evolution of Wildebeest
Caterpillar >
Chrysalis> Butterfly...

By popular request, here is a picture of beer!


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